Cool hotel

Book a cool hotel in Rome: Capo d’Africa Hotel has a lot of cool features for a great stay in the very centre of Rome: very close to the Colosseum, it gives you the cool chance to easily reach the ancient Rome sites, such as the Roman Forums and the Constantine Arch. Capo d’Africa is well known as one of the best boutique hotels of Rome and invites you to a great stay in Italy and in its capital city: Rome. Enjoy one of the coolest habits of Italian nights: an aperitivo on our rooftop view terrace or in our cocktail bar, where you can also taste some ö la petite carte dining all day. Enjoy Rome at your feet, privacy and a cool view of the Colosseum from you window on a beautiful terrace that is all yours, book the Studio Suite of our Hotel. Enjoy more space and great attention to detail, a luxury ambience and a very cosy atmosphere, thanks to the carefully chosen furniture.