Walking Tour

Capo d’Africa Hotel promotes wellness and fitness: we have a great gym and if you love fit walking you can enjoy n–many walking trails all around our hotel. Walking tours of Rome are an always more appreciated activity to practice fitness in Rome, ideal to meet new people while practicing healthy activities, especially in the many beautiful parks of Rome, such as Villa Borghese and Villa Ada. For those who like jogging or just walking in Rome, the hotel offers several routes to the city to see some of the most its most beautiful spots. We propose three jogging rails to tone muscles and please your eyes. The trails stretch for several miles through the streets of the city center and offer the opportunity to see some of the most important Rome attractions such as the Imperial Forums and the Colosseum. There are many benefits of Fit walking for health: it is a body movement that does not require a traumatic effort, which improves cardiovascular functions, facilitats weight loss works very well against the stress of daily life. For all these reasons Fitwalking is a sport open to all. Ejoy walking tours from Capo d’Africa Hotel: outdoor activity that also allows greater contact with nature and the opportunity to experience Rome with romans, from a different point of view.