Travel Rome

At Capo d’Africa Hotel, we are happy to give you advice and tips for your stay in Rome, both for business or leisure. We’ll tell you how to move best with bus and train in Rome and also tips for parking in Rome, if you are traveling by car. Of course, you also get information about the largest airport in Fiumicino, so the arrival is as relaxed as possible. Online, we can give you a small guide for planning a trip to Rome. It is worth comparing the flight prices and to book early. With early booking you can get really good flight and Hotel Deals at Capo d’Africa. Most planes land at Fiumicino Airport (Aeroporto internazionale Leonardo da Vinci). From here you can reach with a local train within about 40 minutes the central train station of Trastevere. Faster but also more expensive is the Leonardo Express. This train takes about 30 minutes to cover the distance from the airport to Rome Termini Station, very close to our hotel. Some low-cost airlines also land at Rome Ciampino Airport. From this much smaller airport in the southeast of the city a shuttle bus to Rome takes you to Rome centre. The best time to visit Rome are the months from March to May and September to November, when temperatures are usually pleasant and with a little luck, the sun shines during the entire stay. Downside of course is that the city is visited during these months by many tourists. You should avoid the summer months of June to August. Then the thermometer often rises above the 30 degree mark. The best way to explore Rome is definitely on foot. To get the most from the historic buildings of the city, save money and also influence health. This is why your stay, very close to many attractions in Rome, is definitely the right tip for your stay in Rome.