New Year's Eve


Dinner Menu

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Roast octopus, new potatoes with “ajoli” sauce and rosemary
Scallops gratinéed, pumpkin, buffalo stracciatella and black truffle
Cannelloni pasta with black squid, salmon, coriander and citrus
Ravioli pasta with savoy cabbage and salted codfish, pine nuts, raisin, olives and dried homemade tomatoes
Turbot, seafood, turnip greens and potatoes
Ricotta tart with dark chocolate, orange homemade jam and lemon cream
Bellavista saten for starters
Dieci Grana Salento IGP Masseria Trullo di Pezza for dinner
Selection of mineral waters
€ 135,00 p.p.
Drinks included

Our Chef will be happy to accommodate other wishes if possible. All prices include service charge and tax.

Contact L’Attico for more information and reservations:
T: +39 06 772 801,