luxury hotel Rome

Verging on luxury standard, Hotel Capo d’Africa is a breath of fresh air in Rome. Unlike most Rome hotels, this luxury hotel would be considered a comfortable and elegant hotel in any country. Newly and thoughtfully refurbished, the hotel is peaceful and pleasant. It’s located in an attractive spot up a small street from the Colosseum (a short walk from Colosseo metro station). Featuring a cosmopolitan ‘contemporary classic’ look in keeping with the lifestyle of international travelers who delight in understated, unostentatious luxury, the Hotel Capo d’Africa is housed in a graceful early 20th-century building. In addition to 64 double rooms, the hotel offers an exclusive studio suite with a large terrace overlooking the apse of the church of SS. Quattro Coronati. The breakfast room is situated on the roof and provides a magnificent view of the Colosseum and nearby monuments. The overall effect, underscored by the brightly colored paintings of contemporary artists, is light, radiant and relaxed. The hotel also provides three meeting rooms and a well-equipped gym with numerous machines. The Hotel Capo d’Africa is located in the Celio district, now referred to by many as ‘the Village’ due to its incredible cultural vitality and the typically joyous Roman atmosphere that pervades the characteristic streets. The hotel’s name derives from a personified image of Rome’s African provinces that adorned the street, known as Caput Africae, in ancient times. This area was also the location of important buildings providing services for the events held in the arena (Armamentaria, Saniarum, Spoliarum and Ludus Matutinus), some barracks built in the second century AD (two for the equites singulares, the Emperor’s mounted guard, and one for special detachments of provincial troops), and the headquarters of the 5th cohort of Vigiles. It was presumably inhabited by a nucleus of Roman citizens from the African provinces, having arrived in Rome along the route taken by General Maximus in the film The Gladiator.