Great Beauty

During your journey to discover the The Grande Beauty locations, Rome will revealed itself under the light of the elegant splendor of the cinematic masterpiece by Paolo Sorrentino, a work of art which has its center of gravity in the magnificent terrace of the house of the protagonist Jep Gambardella, overlooking the Colosseum and just a few steps from the Hotel Capo d’Africa. In fact, by choosing to visit the city booking a room at the Hotel Capo d’Africa the sights of Rome viewed in The Grande Beauty, Jep Gambardella and his sleepless nights will quickly become the ‘guidebook’ who will accompany you to discover the most exclusive and the most magical Great Beauty Rome locations as seen through the eyes of the italian movie director. Staying at a short distance from the beautiful Jep’s apartment, in the heart of the Celio district, the Rome of The Great Beauty will become a little yours. The angles of the city that the camera has so skillfully shown to the general public will become in fact, as soon as you enter the Hotel Capo d’Africa, your own locations, your own Rome and The Great Beauty will suddenly become much more than just a wonderful movie.