Boutique Hotel

Hotel Capo d’Africa is a small boutique hotel Rome. Among all luxury boutique hotels in Rome it is one of the few than can pride itself in its position 2 minutes walk away from the Colosseum and in the breathtaking view from the top floors and the rooftop terrace. Besides the location, what are the main advantages of choosing luxury boutique hotels Italy instead of bigger properties? First, in our boutique hotel Rome you will feel at home _ better, in a luxury version of your home. The familiar yet professional atmosphere characterizing the common halls continues in the elegant privacy of the rooms of this luxury boutique hotel Italy. The interiors are designed to guarantee a luxury comfort sensation in all spaces: the rooms are decorated with faceted shades of wood, the bathrooms have marble details contributing to the elegant flair of rooms and suites. Second, bigger hotels tend to treat their guests as mere customers, while we strongly care about offering a customized service to the guests that choose our boutique hotel Italy. Finally, the feather in the cap of Hotel Capo d’Africa is surely its Unique Studio Suite. Not many luxury boutique hotels Italy can offer a private terrace with a direct view on the Colosseum. The guests of our boutique hotel Rome who book the suite will enjoy an exclusive, breathtaking sight that will add value to the already unparalleled holiday experience in the heart of historic Rome.