Holiday in Rome

Everyone speaks of the beauties and the good food of Italy: probably time has come to treat yourself to a weekend in Italy. Three days are far from being enough to appreciate all beauties of this Paeninsula; yet you can pick a couple of point to focus on during your short stay. An holiday Rome is an essential part of any holiday experience in Italy and you won’t regret after visiting this amazing city. Only during a holiday Rome you can immerse yourself in almost perfectly preserved remains of the ancient glory of Rome: the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and other monuments such as Ara Pacis and the Trajan Column will make you experience directly what life in ancient Rome should feel like. To get the most from your stay, be sure to book a hotel Roma Italy close to the main attractions, like Hotel Capo d’Africa. From this hotel in Rome you can walk in two minutes to the Colosseum, wasting no time in transfers and being able to dedicate a high portion of your time to see the traces of the ancient glory of the shows hold in the Amphitheater. Another spot you can’t miss during your holiday in Rome is Saint Peter’s square. Beyond the religious and historical relevance of this City-state, the sight of the square surrounded by the columns designed by Bernini will be among the sensations you will remember most vividly from your weekend in Italy. On such a short holiday you cannot waste time with connections and transfers: if your hotel Roma Italy is Hotel Capo d’Africa, the metro stop ‘Colosseum’ is available to take you directly to the Vatican. If you like the program we suggested for your short holiday in Rome, book your weekend in Italy at hotel Capo D’Africa right now!