Hotel Colosseum

The Colosseum is probably the best know monument of ancient Rome. Its elliptical building of concrete and stone used to host different kinds of shows, ranging from mock sea battles and reenactments of famous war episodes to the more cruel gladiatorial fights, animal hunts and executions. Nowadays the Flavian Amphitheater (this is its original name) is open to the public, who can visit its relics to get an idea of how such a complex structure worked. To make sure you take the most from your visit you should book a hotel Colosseum Roma, like Hotel Capo d’Africa. Our property is located 2 minutes walk from the entrance to the archaeological site: you will wake up in your room or suite in our hotel Colosseum Rome, eat delicious food and have great Italian coffee during our buffet breakfast (included in all room rates) and with a short walk you will find yourself inside the Amphitheater, praising yourself for choosing to stay in a hotel Colosseum Roma. The visit to the Colosseum includes a tour of the underground section of the building, where all preparatory activities to the shows took place. The staff of our hotel Colosseum Rome will be ready to provide you with all information you need to plan your visit to the Amphitheater. On top of that, thanks to the Rome hotel deals by hotel Capo d’Africa, the dream of a holiday with a view on the Colosseum is more and more affordable! Check all our offers and book your stay in Rome.