Panoramic Hotel

Everyone in the world knows the richness of Rome in terms of buildings and archaeological remains. Many travelers walk (and sometimes hike) on the seven hills of the Eternal City to enjoy the breathtaking view of Rome from above. Other travelers, maybe lazier but luckier, book a panoramic hotel Rome to enjoy the emotion of an unparalleled view ranging from the Colosseum to the most beautiful churches, all directly from their hotel in Rome. Besides the view, another amazing feature of our hotel in Rome is its location. You can walk in 2 minutes from Hotel Capo d’Africa to the Colosseum; with a slighlty longer walk you can visit all the buldings making up the Roman Forum. Rome Hotel Capo D’Africa is for this reason always among the top choices of visitors fond of ancient art and archaeology. One could think that only few travelers in the world can afford a panoramic hotel in Rome. Thanks to the hotel Rome deals by Hotel Capo d’Africa anyone can opt for our hotel with a panoramic rooftop terrace, dominating the Colosseum and the surrounding buildings. Book now your stay!