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Everyone knows that Rome is an endless source of beauty and emotions; travelers often come to Rome without a clear plan of the attractions in Rome they want to see and they end up lost in this huge city, without a clue about what to do in Rome. Our staff is always ready to answer our guests’ questions, but we suggest you read what are the best Rome tourist attractions. With no doubt the first answer to the question ‘what to do in Rome’ is a tour of the best archaeological sites in the city. Among the most known Rome tourist attractions we can recommend the Colosseum (2 minutes walk from Hotel Capo d’Africa), the Roman Forum behind the Capitoline Hill, the Circus Maximus and the Ara Pacis, whose recent renovations have turned it into one of the most appealing attractions in Rome. Another series of unmissable Rome tourist attractions is the diverse, charming complex of churches in Rome. Starting from Saint Peter’s basilica you can then move to Saint John Lateran (4 minutes walk from Hotel Capo d’Africa), Sain Mary Major, Saint Paul Outside the Walls. If among attractions in Rome you are particularly interested in Baroque churches, you must pay a visit to the Church of the Ges, whose front wall is often referred to as ‘the first truly Baroque faade in Rome. Wondering what to do in Rome, you could choose to immerse yourself in Jewish Rome: the former Roman Ghetto on the side of the Tiber river (in front of the Tiberine island) has preserved many of the features of the times it was home to the flourishing Jewish community. The restaurant on its streets still offer the traditional Roman Jewish cookery, in itself one of the main attractions in Rome for the lovers of good food. We could have listed many other Rome tourist attractions: the Vatican Museums, Palazzo Barberini, shopping on Via Condotti… once you are in the capital city of Italy, finding what to do in Rome will not be a problem. Book your stay at the hotel Capo d’Africa to make sure you stay close to the most important attractions in Rome!