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Hotel Capo d'Africa: luxury hotels Rome

Immerse yourself in the most ancient part of Rome at one of the best luxury hotels: Capo D’Africa.

Located a 5-minute walk from the Coliseum, here you will enjoy top-quality service and exceptional views.

Capo D’Africa is home to a beautiful collection of Italian contemporary art and has been colourfully decorated in a vibrant modern style. Enjoy views and light meals on the lovely rooftop terrace which looks out over Ancient Rome or sip a cocktail in the trendy Centrum Bar.

Capo D’Africa is just a pleasant walk from many of Rome’s sights and the Metro and bus links are only 5 minutes’ walk away if you need to travel further. In the historic area surrounding this exclusive hotel you will find classy wine bars and restaurants as well as typical local trattorias.

With modern facilities including WiFi access and a gym with the latest equipment, Capo D’Africa offers you a wonderful stay in a beautiful Roman home-from-home.

Located in the heart of imperial rome, between the forum and the domus aurea, the hotel capo d*africa has been constructed within a early 19th century building. Its contemporary design combines state of the art facilities with trendy elegance perfect for the lifestyle of discriminating cosmopolitan travelers. Our priority to detail in the 65 guestrooms, including an special *studio suite* with a large confidential terrace, and all dissimilar in size. The furniture and tapestries are in a vintage contemporary style in the warm nuances of ochre, sand and saffron. Business facilities are in three graceful lofty tech meeting rooms with a direct vaulted ceiling, with a capacity for up to 75 folk.