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Hotel Capo d'África – Colosseo

Events in Rome

Capo d’Africa Meeting Rooms

Hotel Capo d'África – Colosseo

Firenze Room

If you are looking for a formal but natural setting, this is your space.

Area: 49m2

HT: 4m

Theatre: 40 pax

Class Room: 25 pax

U: 16 pax

Imperial: 20 pax

Hotel Capo d'África – Colosseo

Santi Coronati Terrace

Imagine being a guest of a meeting on one of the most surprising terraces in Rome: relax, make yourself comfortable and enjoy the peace and tranquility. Ideal for weddings and all types of events.

Area: 300 m2

Cocktail: 150 pax

Sit Down Dinner: 80 pax

Hotel Capo d'África – Colosseo

Prive Room

The fantastic atmosphere for refined events as well as the private lounge will make your event intimate and exclusive.

Area: 27m2

Imperial: 12 pax

Hotel Capo d'África – Colosseo

Milan Room

A large room to make you feel close to the Roman world during your meeting. Ideal for all types of events.

Area: 64m2

HT: 4m

Theatre: 60 pax

Class Room: 30 pax

U: 24 pax

Imperial: 30

Hotel Capo d'África – Colosseo

Weddings/ Living the dream

An unforgettable wedding in a Timeless City…Capo d´Africa – Colosseo Hotel offers style, privacy, and a suggestive scenery in the heart of The Imperial Rome. Located on the roof, La Terrazza is an open space overlooking the Colosseum and the bell towers of the churches in central Rome. It is ideal for unique and original wedding receptions.


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