Rome Sights

Views and views of Rome, Rome with its seven hills offers its visitors the opportunity to enjoy breathtaking views from its terraces and unforgettable sunsets, this is also a way to know and love the eternal city. From the terrace of Capo d’Africa hotel you can definitely enjoy one of the most stunning views of Rome: so close to the Colosseum and Rome ancient town, it neve stops surprising giving pleasure to your eyes. The hills of the Eternal City are unbeatable in terms of visual excitement, especially the Aventino. The Aventine Hill is considered one of the most charming and quiet parts of the city and it is here where from the main door of the Order of the Knights of Malta building you will discover a unique view of Rome, due to an optical illusion that makes the dome of St. Peter appear at the end of the palace garden. The Palatine is another important destination for the Roman views: this hill is at the center of Rome and from the height of 40 meters offering a wide view that goes from one side to the Roman Forum to the Circus Maximum. The next stop for a great Rome view is the Janiculum, on the right side of the city, known for the special atmosphere that reigns here and of course the spectacular view of Rome. From here you can admire not only the historical center but also other parts of the city; the best time to go is early afternoon, when it is less crowded.