San Giovanni

Sleep today at a hotel in San Giovanni area allows you to stay close to one of the largest basilicas of Rome, the Basilica of St. John, with its rich interior decorations and the relics of the Holy Steps from the Holy Land that, according to Catholic tradition, were traced by Jesus to receive the judgment of Pontius Pilate. Waking up early and going out from your hotel in the morning you will find the roman market of Via Sannio, open every day from Monday to Friday until about 2pm. The famous market of Rome sells second hand clothes and fake copies of famous brands models, leather garments and bags. The Basilica of S.Giovanni Laterano is the first of the four papal basilicas of Rome, containing the so-called Holy Venue, the official ecclesiastical seat of the Pope. The church stands in this site from the fourth century b.C., and the adjoining palace which served as papal residence for about a millennium. This is therefore since century an important area of Rome, rich of significant symobols of Rome and rich of cultural and artistica sites and attractions. Many are also the bars and the streets for a nice aperitivo in town. Many are the Subway and bus lines serving the S. Giovanni Laterano and our hotel area.